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One cannot love others or the greater world if one does not love themselves. We invite everyone who visits Palmaïa to participate in mind and body rituals to connect to AïA and the surrounding collective. The Architects of Life program, with over twenty rituals, ceremonies, and classes, led by our resident Shaman, Balder, sets a unique transformative offering not seen at any like resort.

I was fortunate to sit down with Javi Priori, the program director, who brought Balder to Palmaïa, to discuss Balder and The Architects of Life program.

Tell me how you came to work at Palmaïa and to develop the Architects of Life?

I came to Palmaïa through previous work opportunities where I develop thematic one-of-a-kind offerings that helped differentiate those resorts from the traditional. At one resort it was an eco-jungle experience and at another, it was live theatrical shows.
Palmaïa, however, is different. Those other adventures were strictly creative opportunities but had no personal association. No deep meaning to what I believe within myself. The program at Palmaïa is much closer to my heart. The philosophy of The House of AïA ties to how I’ve lived my life for the past twenty years. I’ve traveled the world exploring, participating in different cultures, learning about their history and art and as a result growing within and becoming a stronger more spiritual being. It is my passion to bring rituals that I practice in my daily life to the greater collective of Palmaïa.

In your own words, how would you describe the Architects of Life program?

The Architects of Life program is an offering of tools to help you improve your life and give you more internal happiness. For some people, it’s hard to see inside. This program helps those who are open to it to stop fighting within themselves. It helps people connect within and with nature because we are a part of nature. It provides an opportunity to open yourself as part of a group or a 1:1 experience.

Who is Balder and how do you know him?

Lots of people in the Mayan Riviera talk about spirituality. Many people who call themselves Shaman market themselves as a business, discrediting their legitimacy. Balder is authentic. I met him through my internal work. Every decade I do an astrology chart reading and I look for the right person to help me with this. This is how I met Balder. Our daughters are friends and my wife mentioned he performed readings. One Sunday he came to my home and a two-hour session changed my life. He made a big impact.

Balder was born into a family of Nazarene, an ancient school of the divine. His father, Francisco Javier, became a naturist. A naturist is one who studies mud, herbs, naturopathic medicine, emotional management, iridology, and practices veganism, yoga and meditation. His father’s road to spiritual development led him to start the school, the Fifth Sun, that referred to a new harmonious humanity that aligned with the cycles of nature. Balder, as a child, received deeper spiritual education at the Ashram of Cuautla in Morelos, Mexico and the Ashram de Coatepec in Veracruz, Mexico. He studied all forms of spiritual and ritual topics as astrology, psychology, palmistry, numerology, symbology, folklore, reflexology, Kabala, tarot, and chakras. He was teaching yoga at ten years old and at 14 he was accepted into a secret philosophical society. At 16 he went to live in the desert of Coahuila and learned the Inipi ceremony, known in Mexico as Temescal.

Additionally, Balder studied pre-Hispanic dance from the Cuauhtli Yareiya, learned natural medicine from Dr. Hilda Menchaca and Shanta Vira Yoga from Michael Stewart.

He is an authentic Shaman with a wealth of Hispanic historical and cultural knowledge. He is always in balance.

Balder will lead each participant on their path to homeostasis through intimate ceremonies and rituals, located in natural settings throughout Palmaïa. Staying true to our Gifting Lifestyle all classes, ceremonies and rituals are included in your stay.

Sara Goulder interview with Javi Priori