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A Nature Connection at Palmaïa

Small things make our lives special. One notices this especially when traveling and everything seems new. Although, strange as it may sound, to travel one does not actually need to take one’s body anywhere, there is something else happening, something more….


One’s state of mind is acquired through thoughts—and these are as linked to emotions and feelings as they are to smells and sounds. When traveling, one gets these inputs through the eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue. Your five senses are so powerful, they can be triggered by the smallest and most basic of things. And so traveling is related to a state of mind that brings one to a place where one feels positive, happy, or simply relieved through one’s senses.


A fundamental difference between feelings and emotions is that feelings are experienced consciously, while emotions manifest either consciously or subconsciously. Some people may spend years, or even a lifetime, not understanding the depths of their emotions. From my psychological view, neither thoughts nor feelings and emotions can be understood separately as they are on the same path. They are part of  a process and so it is so critical to let them grow in order to work on them.  One of the best ways of doing this is spending time with high energy resources or positive vibration opportunities. Something like a Nature Connection.


This leads me to a “gift” that I received the other day. Thanks to the IG lives that Palmaïa has shared, you can get your well-deserved time to connect with nature through the images and sounds found in the incredible surroundings of the property.


For a few minutes, I was virtually transported through the live session to a secret corner where there was a poza (pool) where I could see and listen to the movement of the water, the birds singing, the light of the morning sun, and all the  harmonic colors that were appealing to my best states of body and mind. I wanted to be there, go through that window and enjoy that moment, get the benefits out of the water, the movement, the sound… it changed my mood. I was energized after those precious minutes, even virtually—it was enough for me. A small thing that made a big impact!


Dr. Clare W. Graves with her  Spyral Dynamics Theory states that human beings receive personal development through the environment that surrounds them, along with the tools to face those conditions—it’s called Eco-coaching. It explores the link between the natural environment and consciousness through strengths and developmental areas.


It helps us understand that we must become aware of and boost the positive things around us—and be thankful for them. Because, it is proven that getting space away from daily stress and enjoying nature will lead us to the immediate benefits of well-being.


Carolina Martín Decorpas

Psychologist . ACC Executive Coach . Passionate about people


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