How I Fell in Love with Atlantis, The Spa in the Jungle

A few months before I visited Palmaïa, The House of AïA, I tried meditation. With all the stress that I accumulate on a day to day basis, it has sometimes become overwhelming to the point where I needed to stop and do something about it. So when I arrived at Palmaïa, I had some understanding of mindfulness practices, but I am definitely a newbie—one that is open to new experiences on a journey to understand existential ways to grasp deeper fulfillment and happiness.

During my visit, I took the opportunity to enjoy an unexpected healing at Atlantis, The Spa in the Jungle. The first question I asked myself was why do they call it that: a healing? Why are they talking about healing at a spa? Well, after living the experience, I can fully appreciate why they use the term!

At Atlantis, mindfulness is brought upon you by just poking your head through the door, listening to the soothing welcome, observing and feeling the natural space in which you are—outdoors, immersed in nature, surrounded by the ancient Mayan jungle, connected to Mother Earth. We spend so much time locked up in offices, houses, cars, and planes that the contrast of this mesmerizing space is unlike any other. Arriving at a bubble of peace where we can take a healing break.

The truth is that it can be challenging to choose among the seemingly endless treatments that are offered by the master healers. I let myself go and explained everything I wanted: detox, skincare, healing of the chakras using Ancient Mayan rituals, aromatherapy, and much more.

They took me into a private room. I was mesmerized by the attention to detail, how the cabins were immersed in the jungle surrounded by cenotes and a variety of different water sources.

I immediately relaxed and breathed a deep sigh of relief when I noticed how my healer maintained a completely focused and philosophical approach. I could tell they did it with love for their profession, allowing me to take full pleasure in pampering myself.

On their website they talk about the therapeutic sensation of epicurean indulgence, because according to the philosopher Epicurus, sensation is the basis of knowledge; and it culminates when images reach our senses. He also formulated that experience is the only thing we can trust to obtain information from the outside world.

This concept is well explained through one of the branches of mindfulness that uses an observation techniques that starts by listening to oneself. When we listen, we understand that we must take care of ourselves, that we deserve pleasure, because it allows the balance between work and rest, between struggle and calm, between the body and the mind.

Meditating during my healing allowed me to experience a much deeper and more effective treatment; plus, it allowed the memory to transcend for a long time after. It still brings back a sense of clear renewal.

When my session was over, I was not surprised to learn that the healings were all done with natural products which have beneficial, moisturizing, and nutritional properties found only in nature itself. I learned how these resources enrich us and allow us to avoid damaging ourselves with processed products.

There is magic in Atlantis, and you experience it when you connect yourself with nature. When you renew your body, energy, and mind to restore balance, you recover the ability to feel and enjoy even the simplest pleasures of your existence.

When I return, I will most definitely revisit this Spa in the Jungle that stole my heart and mind.

Neus Tarres

Palmaïa, The House of AïA — Paseo Xaman-Ha, Lote 1, Playacar, 77710 — Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — México

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