Nomadic Travel Pods

A Sanctuary within a Sanctuary

With an entire floor to yourself, the possibilities are endless. Our limited-time, custom pods feature:
(•) Up to 9 adjacent suites
(•) Dedicated beach beds
(•) Dedicated table at Su Casa Restaurant
(•) 24-hour, in-room dining
(•) Private VIP airport transfers
(•) Podded Architects of Life
(•) Our Gifting Lifestyle
(•) Updated Health & Safety Measures
(•) Peace of mind. When you book by August 31 you can change your dates until December 21, 2021 without penalties, fees, or rate changes
(•) Available for 3-, 7-, and 14-night stays
(•) Up to 12 adults and 6 children per pod
We take care of our family. We’ll take care of yours.
Did you know our suites generate less impact on the environment because they have dedicated AC units, which means they don’t share air with other suites either. Kind of nice these days. Explore our discourse section to see what else we’ve been up to, how we take care of our planet, our staff, our health, and more…

The best thing about our custom pods is that you choose how to set them up, so it’s like having your own private, ocean-front property with all the services and amenities that make The House of AïA special.

Energetic Cleansing
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Energetic Cleansing

La limpieza energética es un enfoque holístico centrado en purgar energías negativas o estancadas para restablecer el equilibrio y la armonía. Esta práctica, que prevalece en muchas culturas, se basa en la creencia de que todo en el universo, incluidos los humanos y su entorno, está compuesto de energías interconectadas. Estas energías pueden influir profundamente en nuestro bienestar mental, físico y emocional. La limpieza energética utiliza diversas técnicas para limpiar estas energías, allanando el camino para un aura positiva y rejuvenecida.

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