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Discover the path to a healthier lifestyle

BOOKING WINDOW: December 13th to March 20th, 2022

TRAVEL WINDOW: Jan 1st to December 20th, 2022

It doesn’t matter which stage of your journey you’re in, if you’re just beginning your search for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, if you’re halfway there, or if you have already achieved your goals, Palmaïa offers a holistic program focused on personal growth, as personalized as each individual requires it.


Book 5 nights or more using Promo Code WELLNESS22

and receive the following benefits:



  • – 1 Private Architects of Life session (one per stay).*
  • – Early check-in and Late check-out (subject to availability) 
  • – Complimentary roundtrip private transportation from Cancun International Airport to the resort 
  • – And everything that our Gifting Lifestyle offers.

*To choose from:

  • The Awakening Ritual

A Ritual that allows a deep dive in search of your truest Self.


  • Soul Reading

A channeling practice that allows us to access information from past lives and teaches us how to integrate that information into our present.


  • Transpersonal Astrology

Knowing the different planetary energies that govern us and affect our daily life is always of vital importance for those of us who walk the inner path.


Massage Therapy
Palmaia Restaurant Luxury
Sound Healing for Everybody

Terms & Conditions

Booking Window: December 13th to March 20th, 2022

Travel Window: Jan 1st to December 20th, 2022

– Contact your Nomadic Guide at arrival to reserve your Private Architects of Life session.

– Applies only for new reservations.

– Can’t be combined with other promotions.

– Restrictions may apply.