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A vida é uma série de ciclos. Altos... Baixos... Avanços... Recuos... Aqueles considerados pontos baixos podem revelar oportunidades poderosas para se aventurar nas profundezas do ser e encontrar dentro de nós mesmos clareza e / ou força para sua viagem... Em direção à restauração.

Nos retiros de Palmaïa, contamos com espaços para que possa se encontrar e se preparar para esta fase, a sua próxima etapa. Compartilhamos metodologias que ajudam a treinar a sua mente e apoiá-lo em seu caminho para uma vida saudável por meio de planos de estudos focados nisso.

Por favor, reserve um momento e explore os diferentes retiros que oferecemos abaixo. Estamos apenas começando, então, se algo não parecer perfeito ou adequado para você, verifique novamente no futuro para explorar o que adicionamos.


Urszula Klich Guide

My Mindful Way of Life

Professora: Dra. Urzsula Klich

Retreat Dates: August 4th – 8th, 2023

Data de reserva: until July 5th, 2023

An enriching 5-day workshop to learn how to assess the stress, burnout, compassion, fatigue, and vicarious traumatization caused by everyday life, personalizing your approach to self-care and caring for and treating others.


You will have the opportunity to:

• Discover simple methods for adding evidence-based mind and body strategies into your daily routine and work with others.
• Practice using biofeedback technology to review and “see” physiological functioning in real-time, applying evidence-based relaxation and stress reduction strategies.
• Explore and test relaxation strategies for improved physiological response (discover what really works on your nervous system and what does not).
• Learn how to use techniques from positive psychology, acceptance, commitment (ACT), and compassion-focused approaches to increase the capacity to comfort, protect and validate yourself and motivate and challenge others in various circumstances.

Reconnect, Align and Thrive!

Teacher : Dr. James Juarez

Retreat Dates: Oct. 30th  – Nov. 4th, 2023

Data de reserva: Until Oct. 1st, 2023

A unique 5-night retreat experience of Continuing Medical Education for the soul.

Join us on a journey towards deeper well-being if you’re a physician seeking to reconnect with your purpose. This program includes a holistic wellness assessment to evaluate your physical, emotional, social, vocational, spiritual, and financial aspects. You will walk away with a personalized action plan to integrate your goals into your weekly life, achieving clarity and renewed purpose.


Dr. James Juarez

James is a trained Mindfulness in Medicine facilitator with 25 years of reflective wellness retreat experience and 15 years of emergency medicine experience. He has been teaching continuing medical education globally for 8 years and helps people live with deeper meaning and purpose in every aspect of their lives.

Ignite A New Passion Couple's Retreat

Professora: Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel

Retreat Dates: November 10th  – 13th, 2023

Data de reserva: October 10th, 2023

Ignite Anew Retreats are designed for couples who desire to strengthen their communication, replenish their passion, and ignite new experiences within their relationship. These retreats integrate current couples therapy approaches with the latest techniques on how to improve communication, intimacy, and eroticism. Activities include education, discussions, guided exercises, check-ins, and homework. Each activity is designed to uncover or heal past experiences that limit your ability to connect with your partner in more gratifying ways. Group activities will be mindful of everyone’s comfort and boundaries; enthusiastic consent is the foundation of all pleasure in attendance. 


Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel

Dr. Jasmonae Joyriel is a clinical psychologist, founder of Ignite Anew, and a therapist specializing in sex and intimacy, trauma, and life transitions. She holds an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University and a PsyD from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Joyriel’s goal is to promote transformative discussions on mental wellness, sex and intimacy, and igniting a renewed life.


Women in Nature

Women Wellness Weekend

Professora: Alex Jimenez

Retreat Dates: November 9th  – 12th, 2023

Data de reserva: until October 9th, 2023

A unique opportunity to escape the winter during Veterans Day weekend and enjoy Mexico’s premier wellness & spa resort. Palmaïa is an undisturbed sanctuary featuring oceanfront suites, a jungle spa, predominantly plant-based cuisine in 4 á la carte restaurants, a health café and food truck, a secluded white sand beach, private terraces, infinity pools, a Mykonos-inspired beach club, holistic amenities and an atmosphere of tranquility you would expect from a yoga retreat. Re-establish the connection between mind and body with guided meditation sessions, yoga classes, sound baths, energy healing, and more!