Signature Events

We offer an idyllic setting for intimate gatherings.

From rejuvenating wellness retreats to vibrant cultural festivals, our annual signature events are crafted to enrich your soul and awaken your senses. Delight in these meticulously curated experiences, thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the natural cycle of the year, offering you a journey through time and tradition.



Discover the rhythm of gratitude and serene celebration. Slow down and pay homage to the season’s transformative beauty. Experience activities designed to align your inner rhythms with the natural world’s shifting energies. Honor the balance between day and night on Equinox day, engage in profound breath work sessions, and explore the depths of your consciousness through Mind Control workshops. You will experience a sanctuary for those seeking to harmonize with the season’s abundant gifts.

Special Activities Program: During September 2024*.

Equinox ceremony: September 22, 2024*.

*Program is subject to change according with weather conditions



Discover the Riviera Maya through one of the most emblematic and mystical celebrations in Mexico’s ancestral culture. Immerse yourself in a profound Dia de Muertos celebration where, once a year, the spiritual underworld connects with the present.  Join us for two enchanted days, where mysticism and tradition unite in perfect harmony:

Savor the artful reinterpretation of traditional mixology, embrace the allure of an elegant catrinas night, and commemorate departed souls with grace in a ceremony led by authentic Mayan guides, as we honor the eternal cycle of existence.

Special Activities* : November 1 to 2, 2024.

*Program is subject to change due to weather conditions.



Enjoy a beautiful celebration with the little ones at Awen, our children’s center. Accompanied by storytelling, we will create lanterns, prepare bread and apple cider, and then take a walk at dusk. We will light the way with our lanterns as a symbol of our inner flame, which prepares us and accompanies us to the coming days of winter.

Special Awen activities*: November 26, 2024.

*Program is subject to change due to weather conditions.



A moment of gratitude, feasting, and reflection—acknowledging the bounty of the earth and the cycles of nature that sustain life. Communities come together under its luminous presence, sharing stories, food, and rituals that honor the connection between land and livelihood, reminding us of the rhythms that guide our existence and the perennial gifts of the earth.

Join us for a memorable Thanksgiving, celebrating life’s blessings with family and friends amid epic beauty. Savor a nourishing gourmet meal while experiencing the true recipe for gratitude.

Special Thanksgiving Dinner:  November 28, 2024



As the year wanes, Palmaïa welcomes the Winter Solstice, a homage to celestial rhythms and the renewal of life. Amidst nature’s embrace, we invite you to a season of soulful reflection and communal celebration. Participate in beachside art classes, join sacred circles for unity, and experience organic symphonies under the hues of dusk. Breathe deeply with pranayama, awaken your creativity with art classes, and chant mantras for inner peace. Culminate your journey with dinners crafted not just for sustenance but for celebration, signaling the beginning of a new cycle.

Special activities*: December 16 to 21, 2024

Solstice Ceremony*: December 21, 2024

*Program is subject to change due to weather conditions.



Join the celebration of the “Spiral of Light,” an event that honors the deep connection with the Earth during the Winter solstice. Through a reflective spiral walk, children and adults will light candles in a ritual, symbolizing the inner light that shines even on the darkest days. It’s a ceremony to nourish the soul, encouraging reflection, and celebrating eternal harmony with nature. Join us on this symbolic journey to the heart on a night when the light of the community and love come together to welcome the winter season.

Special Awen activities* :  December 17, 2024

Walk through Palmaïa to collect what is used in nature with the children, paint candle bases, gather at Rituals Deck where the meaning of the celebration is  explained while lighting the candles.

*Program is subject to change due to weather conditions.

Past Events


As the cold retreats and the natural world bursts into life, Palmaïa invites you to celebrate a season of renewal and growth. Experience the equilibrium of day and night, witnessing nature’s rebirth and embracing the Spring Equinox’s transformative energy. This is a time for inner awakening and finding harmony within and around us.

Special Activities*

  • Celebrate the Spring Equinox: Join us for a special ceremony.
  • Master Yoga Classes: Deepen your practice with our expert-led sessions.
  • Shamanic Wisdom: Engage in enlightening talks with a spiritual guide.

*Activities may be subject to availability and may change due to weather conditions.



We are thrilled to invite you to this transformative experience where yoga becomes the key to unlocking greater balance and inner peace. Join us for a few days of exploration, meditation, learning, and moments of deep connection with your true essence.

We are pleased to offer the exclusive YogAïA Pass, starting from $1,353 USD per person for a 3-night stay from June 20th to June 23rd. This is an all-inclusive access to the whole event. This promotion is subject to availability and is valid for new reservations only. Additional restrictions may apply.