The Medicine of Sound

Attendees will experience sound medicine through different stages, starting with an understanding of silence and meditation and building up to sounds and music in their purest forms. They will release blockages and accumulated tensions on physical, emotional, and mental levels to achieve balance and equilibrium.

Attendees will learn the basic techniques of sound healing, the theory and physics of sound, throat singing techniques, vowels as mantras, Pythagoras in music, and how singing is a primary instrument of healing. Practices will be accompanied by healthy food, yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Instructors & Guides

Rene Shamanic Instrumental

René Najera

A sound alchemist, sound healer, and multidisciplinary artist from…


More Information & Booking

In this retreat, we will…

    • Develop a greater knowledge of ourselves
      Learn sound techniques that help us unlock energy centers in our bodies.
    • Get to know different musical instruments and their applications in sound healing.
    • Learn the origins of different sound techniques used throughout history.
    • Establish a foundation of sound techniques to support our journey.


  • – 3 Intense Harmonic Singing Sessions
  • – Tibetan Bowl Session
  • – Crystal Bowl Session
  • – 2 Gong Bath Sessions
  • – Kirtan Experience
  • – Breath Work & Sound
  • – Meditative Concert
  • – Gratitude Ceremony
  • – Temazcal Ceremony
  • – Ancestral Mayan dance with live music
  • – Private session with Balder, our personal development guide
  • – Group yoga classes
  • – 2 x 50 minute treatments at Atlantis the Spa in the Jungle
  • – Access to unlimited natural juices and organic juice detox
  • – Full plant-based menus for optimal health and detox
  • – Roundtrip Airport transportation

Optional, Add-On Excursions:…

  • Visit to the city of Ek Balam
    Ancestral Cave Tour
  • Private Swim in a Cenote
  • Sound Healing Session
  • Mayan Cuisine Lunch

Designed for…

Beginners and experts alike who are curious to learn more about incorporating the ancient wisdom of sound as a method for healing in their lives.

Retreat price:

  • $1,800 USD per person (does not include lodging)

**The registration fee covers your spot in the Retreat only.

Lodging, which includes The Gifting Lifestyle (All-Inclusive) Plan, and the Architects of Life holistic program, is paid separately through Palmaïa – The House of AïA 

*Retreat stay is for 5 nights | 6 days


Palmaïa, The House of AïA


Available Dates…

*Sunday, June 12th – Friday, June 17th
*Wednesday, August 3th – Monday, August 8th
*Wednesday, October 5th – Monday, October 10th

N. of Attendees…

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If you have any doubsts please contact us.

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