“There is nothing more dangerous than someone who
wants to make the world a better place.” — Banksy

A Plant-Based Life

To live at the House of AïA is to live in conscious balance with all living things.

It is to test old boundaries and forge new ones, that can help us to resolve our contemporary paradox: improve our quality of life, without damaging others, whether plant, animal, or human.

What Do We Mean By Plant-based?

What Do We Mean By Plant-based?

People interpret vegan as eating no animals or animal by-products… but it’s much more.

Veganism is a declaration of non-violence:

• towards yourself by eliminating the toxic foods that slowly kill you;

• towards animals, birds, and fish by eliminating all unnecessary suffering brought about as part of the modern food chain;

• towards the planet, because the animal food industry is the leading cause of planetary environmental degradation and global climate change.

A Guilt-free Holiday

Explore conscientious choices through plant-based menus and animal-product-free rooms.

It’s really quite simple, by removing everything we consume that is destructive, we align ourselves with AïA.