Visiting Guides

The “Visiting Guides” Program was created to constantly offer guests more innovative and curated experiences within our AïA\Wellness philosophy.  This initiative brings Visiting Master Guides and healers from around the world, specializing in different disciplines, to share their teachings and knowledge through exclusive pop-up events throughout the year. These immersions complement Palmaïa’s unique holistic activity program, the Architects of Life, allowing guests to go even deeper and expand their practice while enjoying the vast amenities included in Palmaïa’s Gifting Lifestyle.

Upcoming Visiting Guides

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Previous Visiting Guides

Light Portal

Light Portal Breathwork Ceremony

A powerful and life-changing event for those looking for a deeper experience

The Light Portal serves as a vortex of energy where denser energies will be alchemized and transmuted. Master Guides from generations of healing lineages and years of experience will lead you through a ceremony that brings new opportunities for expansion and remembrance of who we are as BE-ings.


Swami Cosmic Gong

An immersion into a “Spiraling Cocoon of Cosmic Sounds”

This Sound Healing session also called Gong Bath means that you are bathed in a shower of Sound Waves, you will experience the Cosmic Gong session lying comfortably on your back on a yoga mat and the Cosmic Frequency will transport you into Theta State.

Luis Saldaña​


Tehualne (from Nahuatl: “you are me”) is a captivating playful-ritual ensemble that presents choral songs in indigenous Mexican languages, brought to life through ancestral instruments, incorporating dance and poetry and interpreting enchanting melodies and rhythms from the native world, resulting in a fascinating and culturally rich experience.

Valentina / Nadi / Maga (Rene Najera)​

Group Reiki Session

An opportunity to let go of stress and tension while embracing the healing power of Reiki and sound therapy. Join us for a healing group session where you will experience complete relaxation while receiving the loving energy of Reiki, accompanied by therapeutic sounds and chanting. During the session, you will immerse yourself in healing vibrations that will harmonize and balance your energetic centers, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


Soul Reading Circle

Unlock the wisdom of your own spirit through this powerful channeling technique. Using a unique language composed of images, this reading provides practical messages that can bring order and clarity to your present situation. It enables you to tap into the deepest parts of your being, allowing you to gain insight into your life’s purpose, unlock your inner potential, and overcome any obstacles that may be hindering your progress. Whether you are seeking guidance on personal growth, relationships, or career, this session can provide you with the clarity and direction you need.

Jeffrey Daubney

Icebath And Breathwork

Take your wellness to the next level and discover the power of cold exposure! Join us for a unique session led by Jeffrey Daubney, who has spent years researching the effects of ice baths and cold plunges and has developed a protocol combining the Wim Hof Method with customized adjustments to temperature and time based on individual experience and lifestyle. Explore its numerous benefits, including increased dopamine and epinephrine levels, reduced stress, a stronger immune system, better focus and determination, and improved sleep.

Branden Collinsworth

Vinyasa Yoga Masterclass

Join us as we celebrate International Yoga Day with a LIVE masterclass featuring special guest Branden Collinsworth, Nike Global Trainer & Netflix Yoga Teacher.

Despite his difficult past, Branden made a life-changing decision to turn his life around, seeking personal growth and global impact. He is now a Nike Global Trainer, Founder of Warrior Retreats, a renowned Speaker and internationally recognized Performance Coach. He earned a Master’s in Positive Psychology from UPenn and traveled extensively, immersing himself in yoga, indigenous plant medicine, and martial arts. He currently holds positions as the head of Innovation and Human Performance for Core Power Yoga and a Global Trainer and Yoga Teacher for Nike. Branden has also collaborated with Netflix to bring his transformative yoga classes to a global audience.


Crescent Moon Temazcal

Energy is at its most fertile point during the crescent moon of summer and invites us to embrace our dreams and sow everything we desire so that it can be manifested in the fall.

Temazcalli Ancestral Worldview

The Temazcalli represents the Earth’s core, symbolizing our mother’s womb. Entering this sacred space signifies a spiritual rebirth, where we honor the sacred elements:

Air – Our dreams, desires, and deepest inspirations manifest our connection with the sacred spirit embodied in each breath. It is the first expression of life on Earth.

Javier Traverso

Hipopressive Breathing

Discover the transformative power of Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics (HAG), a unique method that embraces self-positions and breath-work.
It’s not just about correcting posture; it’s about finding harmony within ourselves. HAG allows you to connect with your emotions, strengthen your core, and feel the serenity that comes from a well-aligned body and mind.

Join us on this journey of inner balance and vitality

Magdalena H. Gulda

Sound Healing & Guided Meditation

Magdalena integrates guided meditation with a deeply relaxing and healing sound session, using a variety of instruments such as quartz and metal bowls, flutes, Zaphirs, Shekeres, drums, harmonium, and angelic shamanic voice. The powerful resonance produced by these instruments creates a state of coherence between the brain and heart, which allows for a real and noticeable change in the human psyche. Each sound healing session is unique and will tune into the DNA of each participant, providing a personalized and unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your quality of life and experience the power of sound healing.

Heidi García & Pablo Talice

Constellation Series

In this space, we’ll explore the profound dynamics of love through quantum family constellations, discovering how to apply them in our daily lives. Join us on a journey towards living from a state of neutrality and wisdom

Heidi García Adragna 

Holistic Therapist.

As a Holistic Therapist, Heidi brings two decades of experience in the competitive business world to her role as a life coach and Quantum Family Constellations practitioner.

Ursula Quetzalocelot / Tanyah Ocelotcalli

The Maize Ritual

Join this unique Maize Ritual and honor the sacred connection between humans and nature. Celebrate the divine energy of corn, a gift from the cosmos serving as a bridge between the material and spiritual world. The power of the sun and the moon, the wind and the rain, and all the natural forces that sustain our existence is found in each grain of corn. Corn cultivation and harvest are sacred rituals connecting man with the earth and the universe, providing nutrition and healing for future generations.

Expansive Breathwork

Experience a holistic transformation with Expansive Breathwork, unlocking immediate and profound healing by delving into the subconscious.

Our guided sessions are enriched with music, drums, shamanic singing, and elemental reconnection, creating a therapeutic ambiance that invites you to explore the depth of your inner self.

Join us for a profound exploration of self-discovery and healing in this 2-hour session. Limited capacity.

Dennis & Kathy Lang

Yin Yoga With Live Music And Storytelling

Experience the journey to consciousness

Experience the journey to consciousness and revitalize and harmonize your mind, body, and soul with the “Yin Yoga with Live Music and Storytelling” retreat, a week-long event from Palmaïa’s Visiting Guides Program with Dennis & Kathy Lang.