Yoga Retreat: Disconnect to Reconnect

A retreat designed to reawaken our senses and get closer to nature. To help us face the human condition more holistically through yoga, empowering our ability to make healthy changes in our lives and function better in every day life.

Instructors & Guides

Angel Guide Ancestral

Angel Lizarraga

Lover of the human body in motion. From an early age I was a high performance athlete…


Susana Guide

Susana Retana

Woman at the service of ancestral wisdom, practitioner and teacher of Yoga, companion of personal …


More Information & Booking

In this retreat, we will…

  • Learn yoga techniques to integrate into our daily life.

  • Reconnect with ancestral wisdom that sustains our personal processes and cycles.

  • Improve the functionality of our body, posture.

  • Learn tools that help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Strengthen our immune systems, to better cope with everyday challenges.

  • Encourage balance between the physical, mental and spiritual bodies


  • –  Pranayama sessions
  • –  Mantra sessions
  • –  Meditation sessions
  • –  Yoga Masterclasses (Tantra Hatha, Vinyasa Lunar, live music)
  • – 4 Workshops (Primal
  • – Move, Flow Movement, Handstand, amulet creation)
  • – 3 Circles (of wisdom, of fire, ritual)
  • –  Temazcal
  • –  Tibetan bowl session
  • –  Wellness course
  • –  Toning session
  • – Private session with Balder, our personal development guide
  • – 2 x 50 minute treatments at Atlantis the Spa in the Jungle
  • – Access to unlimited natural juices and organic juice detox
  • – Full plant-based menus for optimal health and detox
  • – Roundtrip Airport transportation

*All activities can change without notice.

Optional, Add-On Excursions:…

  • Visit to the city of Ek Balam
    Ancestral Cave Tour
  • Private Swim in a Cenote
  • Sound Healing Session
  • Mayan Cuisine Lunch

Designed for…

Beginners and experts alike interested in their well-being who need to get out of their daily routine to reconnect with nature and their better selves.

Retreat price:

  •  $1,800 USD per person (does not include lodging)

**The registration fee covers your spot in the Retreat only. Lodging, which includes The Gifting Lifestyle (All-Inclusive) Plan, and the Architects of Life holistic program, is paid separately through Palmaïa – The House of AïA 

*Retreat stay is for 5 nights | 6 days


Palmaïa, The House of AïA


Available Dates…

*Sunday, July 17th – Friday, July, 22nd
*Sunday, September 18th – Friday, September 23rd
*Sunday, November 13th – Friday, November 18th
*Sunday, December 12th – Friday, December 17th

N. of Attendees…

Please contact us

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