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What is Sound Healing Therapy?

The sound of the drums floods you like a flow of freshwater, reaching every part of your body, feeling your heartbeat to the rhythm of the music, while your chest opens the door to the voice of your soul as you begin to feel a sense of fulfillment and greatness never experienced before…

A feeling of gratitude fills every space of your being, feeling in complete unity with the universe, which vibrates with you and through you… You feel new, recharged with energy, the music has captured your senses, they have healed you and you have grown, uncovering a reconfigured version of yourself.

Well, what you’ve experienced are the results of a healing therapy known as Cura pelo som. These practices date back to ancient times, passing through Australia, Egypt, and Greece, among other cultures, where the sounds played a fundamental role in the recovery of people. The main objective: reestablish internal harmony.


What is Sound Healing Therapy?

​​Music is a fundamental part of our lives, even before birth: think of a pregnant woman who sings a lullaby to the baby inside of her… the sweetness and warmth of her voice, even if the words are not understandable, will be felt by the baby… the calm and peace will embrace the little soul and mark the person´s life in the future.

With this in mind, let’s talk about vocal toning, which uses a series of tones that connect with a particular area of ​​the body, divided by chakras; this knowledge is of utmost importance in Cura pelo som since the appropriate tone must be used to allow access to the area or chakra to be healed.

Healing through frequencies and sounds is not surprising if we take into consideration the fundamental principle of Cura pelo som: sounds travel through vibrations. Then, the human body, composed mainly of water, works as an excellent conductor for the constant propagation of sound waves without losing energy, which is part of the backbone of Healing Sound Baths.  


What does it mean to perform a Healing Sound Bath?

To immerse ourselves into an ocean of ​​sounds and experience these frequencies during its passage through each of our cells while the blow of the gong fills every space of our body during this sound bath, becomes an experience worth sharing.

Sound Baths are a healing experience where the person gets into a complete immersion in Cura pelo som, feeling the vibrations as a “bath” of sound waves from various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs which are used in gong baths, Tibetan bowls, percussions, bells, wind chimes, tuning forks, and even the human voice itself in guided meditations.

Playing our favorite song in the middle of traffic chaos to relax and bring us to a more joyful state of mind, changing our frequency from low energy (presented through feelings such as fear or anger) to higher vibrations, is a form of Cura pelo som that we perform daily.

Music and sounds help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, relieve tension, reduce blood pressure levels, among many other benefits. Sometimes we have energetic blockages, as in the previous example, that are rooted in our day-to-day life, for which is required to generate or induce a frequency that could help to unblock these energies. In this way, we will be able to improve our quality of life.


What is a Tibetan Sound Healing?

The principle of Cura pelo som is to harmonize, to induce the being into a state of calm and peace, to make symbiosis with nature, enhanced through the instruments and methods used: didgeridoos, drums, Tibetan bowls, flute, tuning forks, harp among others; we could even say that used with the correct intention, almost any instrument could be used in the healing sound method.

Tibetan bowls, specifically, are one of the most used instruments in these types of therapies. The singing of the bowls bares the soul, releasing it from earthly suffering and bindings of the world, connecting the energies with the cosmic order.  

Tibetan Sound Healing, as it’s often called, is based on the sounds created from these bowls, also called guides. These Tibetan bowls are intentionally created with an alloy of seven metals: gold, tin, silver, mercury, lead, iron, and copper, forged by hand, although nowadays can also be found in quartz, an ancestral mineral born from the magic of time, water, and sand, giving it unquestionable healing powers.


Do Sound Frequencies Heal?

Sound is inherent to existence and therefore to healing; we are vibrating at every moment, our pulsations themselves are proof of it; when we resonate with the environment or the music, we don’t speak figuratively. 

This is what happens with Cura pelo som, external vibrations are used to harmonize the internal ones, and depending on the method, the human voice of the sound healers could be used through chants, hums, etc. Cura pelo som works through the entrainment and the resonance frequency. The entrainment is the natural process of a rhythmic pattern, which induces the being to follow the same rhythm – clapping your hands at the rhythm of the music is a great example of this -.

Music invites us to perform an action when it’s in contact with our senses: dance to the rhythm of pulsations, meditate, play an instrument, sing or simply listen, thus complementing the circle of growth and healing.

The power of music in healing has been proven on different occasions, which has led to the creation of various methods with approaches to different conditions that afflict the human being, such as the Bonny method, used to improve the physical and mental health of older adults or, the Nordoff-Robbins method, specialized in learning disabilities, people on the autism spectrum, among others.

In the same way, there are specialized branches in healing with a greater spiritual focus such as the Solfeggio frequencies, used by Gregorian monks and in Sanskrit chants, which act so completely and deeply into the human being that they manage to balance the energies of DNA, healing profoundly. This is the reason why it’s been used mainly for healing therapies to deal with fear or change, calming anxiety, helping with chronic depression as well as empowering the self, and even promoting spiritual awakening in tune with the cosmos.

However, the most important thing to take into account when performing music therapy ou sound therapy, in general, is to keep in mind the purpose for which it is performed, because if there is no intention involved, all the benefits will not be used to the maximum potential that these therapies can provide.

Starting and incorporating these healing techniques from an early age is highly recommended as it can help to identify and control emotions in children, making them aware of their environment and their capacities, both intellectual and spiritual. 

At Palmaïa we seek to create an initial approach through pentatonic music among other techniques, however, it is in moments of silence when we find ourselves at the most powerful moment, as we can hear the heartbeat and make breathing conscious getting in tune with high vibration frequencies, harmonizing mind and body, which highly benefits in child development.


Without a doubt, Cura pelo som opens the door to the discovery of a new way of life, freer and more balanced, in a world in constant change.


By Karen Ojeda

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