“By discovering nature, you discover yourself.”
— Maxime Lagace

AïA is here

We refer to AïA as our connection to nature. A double-sided mirror to our true, inner selves. She is harmony and disruption, the source, the circle of life, the root of meaning, and the giver of purpose.

The Principles of AïA
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Natural Inclusion : All are welcome to a seat at the table or a place by the fire. The House of AïA transcends age, race, and gender. We are defined by our principles, and by their power to inform and shape the greater community.
Balance : Excess is easy, but harmful. Restraint is difficult, but fortifying. The House of AïA provides all you need, when you need it, helping to restore balance.
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Self-expression : A home where you can relax, shine, and be your truest self. A place to share wisdom, talents and knowledge with the tribe — or to listen, watch and learn…
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Non-violence : With vegan rooms and extensive plant-based menu options at every restaurant, The House of AïA helps you participate in non-violence towards yourself, the planet, and the natural world of mammal, fish and avian species.
Participation : To seek and discover new experiences to achieve personal growth, you must first open your heart and mind to AïA, let her in, so you can be one.
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Absolute Respect : The authentic tribe is founded above all on respect for ourselves and for each other. Safe space is created within the gathering of mindful souls.

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