A Food System that leads to Positive Health Results

The Nourishing Biome is a unique food concept where everything you eat is designed for optimal health while providing a level of cuisine that is hard to match, especially at a resort. Chef Charly Garcia leads our team with the utmost respect for ingredients, processes, and ethics, attaining the maximum level possible of quality and taste in our food. We don’t just cook; every time we create a dish, we do so with intention, reflecting our brand’s purpose in everything we create. Food isn’t just physical; you’re not consuming just ingredients – you are absorbing energy, light, and frequencies into your body. For this reason, one of the most critical elements is the hands and souls that touch your food before it’s served. We do not qualify our kitchen by Michelin stars but by the right people – good people who are dedicated to our shared goal: making society and the world a better place for all.


We live in the age of information. Much of that information speaks about food, yet most of it is based on reductionist assumptions with little consideration for the complexity of the human body’s workings and how we absorb energy. What we absorb in our bodies isn’t the same as what we absorb energetically. For optimal health, the simplest rule to follow is Keep it Simple. Balance is one of the Palmaïa’s principles, reflected in our AïA\Wellness Retreat Experience. However, through compassion, we also recognize that everyone is at different stages in their spiritual journey. For this reason, The Nourishing Biome offers ample variety and options to follow your health journey wherever it may take you.


Diets on their own seldom lead to substantial success, given their intrinsic limitations. They are restrictive, and most people lose interest over time. For a food system to be beneficial, it must become part of your lifestyle – second nature, a habit. The Nourishing Biome allows you to continue your healthy lifestyle or start eating clean, so when you get home, a healthy life becomes second nature.

Many ways of eating can lead to better health. For some, it might be Keto, Ayurvedic, or Plant-based; for a few, it might involve mainly eating Seal (Inuit). These ways of eating can lead to health benefits because they generally exclude ingredients that are detrimental to our health. We could undoubtedly engage in endless debates about the science of each nutritional aspect and arguments about which system might be best, but we’re not here to dictate how you should eat. We are here to introduce you to clean eating methods so you can decide for yourself based on how your body feels and more.


What’s also clear is since the introduction of Agriculture ten thousand years ago and, more recently, the introduction of Industrial Agriculture and Processed Foods, our health has deteriorated. If we go back in time, we see that the simpler the ingredients and the more natural and closer to nature we lived, the healthier we were and are. Today, most of our food is loaded with unnatural ingredients, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics etc., contributing to epidemics of chronic disease worldwide. Even worse, we have become addicted to these damaging foods.


As one resort, we can’t pretend to solve all the issues related to food and health, but we’re certainly doing our best and continuously improving. Regarding food, we can start addressing the most critical factors contributing to health deterioration – removing the most toxic ingredients found in food.

How to live healthier while enjoying tasty gourmet food.

Instead of prescribing what you should eat, we simplify by removing the most toxic ingredients. This empowers you to experiment and enjoy endless healthy food options freely. Our menus consist of an integrative food offering that can lead to weight loss, reduced inflammation, stress relief, and longevity; always tasty, creative, and freshly prepared.

The Nourishing Biome: Our Promises

1. To use minimum amounts of processed or packaged foods – currently, over 90% of our dishes are prepared with natural ingredients, made in-house from scratch, to reach 100% in the future.

2. No refined sugars – For your sweet cravings, we exclusively use natural sugars like date sugar, cane sugar, etc.

3. No refined seed oils unless specifically indicated.

4. We consistently include homemade fermented food options in all our menus.

5. Most of our vegetables are from farms with organic regenerative agricultural practices in the center of Mexico.

6. We prioritize the use of seasonal fruit wherever possible.

7. All our breads are crafted with sourdough fermented starters and natural unbleached flour.

Plant Life PLants

Living the AïA\Wellness lifestyle will not only lead you to better health but also connect you to the source of your intuition – an invisible guiding force we all possess. This force can lead us to health if we listen to it. The most crucial lesson to learn is health sovereignty – we are the masters of our destiny and only we decide what enters our bodies, ultimately shaping our life’s path.


At Palmaïa, you’ll be removed from the chaos and noise of the Matrix, allowing you to sit still, contemplate deeply, connect with your body, listen to your thoughts, and experience new sensations. Good food infused with positive energy marks the beginning of your journey.