Beachfront Seating

It’s hard to beat a view like this. So when you take it in every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you know you’ve earned it. Whether it’s on the beach, at a table, or in one of our four themed restaurants that cross the seven seas on a culinary adventure worth traveling for.

Dining in Impeccable Spaces

The details are curated with an eclectic elegance—lights that sparkle like stars in the night, marble that moves in great, brush-like strokes, textures that imbue the world with natural ease—so you might think you’re in New York, if it weren’t for that jaw-dropping view…

The Health Cafe & That Bright, Caribbean Blue

Whether it’s the soaring windows that lift above the canopy, the hand-painted murals depicting local wildlife, the thoughtful furniture, or just the impeccable food, our health café shatters expectations.


Our Restaurants

Our Restaurants


Elevating the native Mexican, small town, culinary wisdom to the rarified heights of international, haute cuisine, our top-notch chefs bring a mastery of hyperlocal flavors rivaled only by their artistry of presentation, secretly enhanced by select spices and herbs cultivated in our greenhouse.


Su Casa

Welcome to your new home, open from morning to night. Relax into the laid-back, Caribbean beach ambiance and the primal delight of sand beneath your feet. Seasonal delights, vegan, vegetarian, meat, fish… simple, delicious, comforting… just as home cooking was meant to be.



This is the entry point to Asia, a place imbued with sensual fragrances, exotic flavors, and a densely rich color palette, fusing Thai cuisine with its continental counterparts in an act worthy of heavenly worship.

Mar de Olivo

To change history you need to understand it. Our chefs have bravely set forth in a new direction that redefines the tired expectations of Mediterranean cuisine by cultivating their lesser-known, all but forgotten traditions. Join an adventure along storied seas, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Bosphorus, and discover the flavors our ancestors relished as they journeyed from one empire to the next.

Charly’s Vegan Tacos Pop-Up Food Truck

Charly’s Vegan Tacos quickly became a Tulum staple for traditional Mexican food lovers as well as any foodie that took their experimentation and acquisition of food knowledge seriously. In fact, CVT’s biggest fan base were flexitarians looking for healthier food options that did not sacrifice the taste and flavor of traditional foods – and a major success it was too, going on to win the best LA Vegan Taco competition in 2018. Influenced by his grandmother’s traditional Mexican Cooking, Chef Charly brings his much-loved food concept to Palmaïa, offering a healthier alternative to typical Mexican Street food and to show the boundless possibilities of plant-based food to convince even the most stringent meat fanatics, that plant-based food can also taste amazing.

Open daily from 12-5 pm, you will find the Food Truck poolside between The Mushroom and Eolo Beach Club. Follow Charly’s Vegan Tacos on Instagram here.

Potions & Libations

Positions & Libations

With the Eolo Beach club playing jungle beats by visiting sound artists, a vegan juice bar that crafts delicious concoctions, mixologists that invent custom creations, pool bars that serve fresh fruit cocktails, and the exclusive ambiance of the Atlas Club.


Photographed items may not be identical to items being served on the menu, as we are constantly improving and updating our menus