Intention Matters

When our chefs prepare their ingredients in the early morning hours, placing them on the ledge of the window to receive the first light of day, it matters. Because, love is what brings the best of us to bear: for our craft, for a sustainable present, for a healthier future.

Plant-based Travel Made Easy

Plant-based Travel Made Easy

The House of AïA is the first resort of its kind to prepare all of its menus with full, plant-based ingredients, while still offering exquisite, non-vegan options.

Our founder’s vegan sensibilities merge with our Executive Chef’s inspired guidance to unveil daily menus that are as exquisitely delicious as they are fresh and thoughtfully prepared.

Traveling while eating plant-based has never been better. Here are just a few of our favorite dishes:
(•) soy-marinated, watermelon poke bowl
(•) smoked-carrot toast
(•) Palmaïa burger with sweet potato fries
(•) pb-cheese and mushroom quesadillas

Vegan For One, 
Not For All

Not everyone can be vegan and we respect that. We show our guests how delicious plant-based food can be. That way, meat and fish eaters are exposed to a new type of culinary experience, balancing their diets and exploring flavors they didn’t expect, or even know were possible.
Food Carrot Bread

We create a level of cuisine that is hard to match, especially at an all-inclusive resort, because it plays against the paradigm that food is qualified by its price. By doing it our way, guests can let go, be pampered, and not think about cost—as true luxury is.
Photographed items may not be identical to items being served on the menu, as we are constantly improving and updating our menus

Food Soup