Architects of Life

Our personal growth guides have built a program based on an array of ancient rituals and practices, to explore deeper meaning and the mysteries of life, allowing us to connect to AïA through personal exploration of the physical body and the subconscious mind.

Mind and Body guides from around the world make it the most comprehensive personal growth program ever offered at any resort on earth. One cannot love nature if one does not love oneself.

The Weekly Architects Program

Mind Classes : An infinite space to explore the internal worlds of our being.


  • – Gravity Control

    – Meditative Concert

    – Natural Art

    – Mind Control

    – Deep Healing Mantras

    – Talk with the Shaman

    – Meditation

    – Art Class

    – Constellations

Movement Classes : Everything is in motion, all is vibration and dance. Practice caring for your body, mind and spirit by developing knowledge that flourishes as wisdom.


  • – Pranayama

    – Tai Chi

    – Hatha Yoga

    – Vinyasa Yoga

    – Therapeutic Yoga

    – Geometry of Power

    – Ancestral Dance

    – Chi Kung

    – Full Body Workout

    – Handcrafts

    – Dance for Peace

    – Harmonic Singing


Ceremonies & Rituals : We celebrate the encounter between nature, mind, and heart.


  • – Tibetan Bowls

    – Gong Bath

    – Awakening Ritual

    – Transmutation Ritual

    – Cacao Ceremony

    – Soul Reading Circle

    – Gratitude Ritual

    – Prehispanic Cleansing Ritual

    – Forgiveness Ceremony

    – Sacred Women’s Circle

On Demand : Ancient mysticism joins with a perfect present.


  • – Soul Purification

    – Soul Reading

    – Sound Healing

    – Tarot

    – Transpersonal Astrology

    – Astrology Partner

    – Temazcalli Ceremony

    – Personal Trainer

    – Yoga (Extra offering for additional sessions)

    – Energetic Cleansing

    – Deep Stretch Therapy


Resident Architects

René Self-taught, musician and magician, he currently teaches seminars and retreats on sound healing and harmonic singing in Mexico, Canada and Europe, as well as performing concerts, therapies, and sound journeys. With multiple certifications, René has created a unique therapy based… More>>
Balder Nazarene from birth, he did not cut his hair until age seven and traveled through distant deserts, developing contact with nature’s elements and opening his world to search. Reflexology, palmistry, astrology and mythology shaped his foundation of knowledge to becoming… More>>
Olga Since she was a child, Olga developed an awareness of her body through dance, and has always been passionate about the sea, which led her to connect with nature and the universe. As part of her growth, she has studied… More>>

Susana Retana Guardian of lunar wisdom, Yoga teacher and practitioner for 13 years, Rites of Passage companion, Guide of circles and processes of the human experience. She is honored to be able to share spaces of loving containment to go through these processes of the human experience. 

Pilar Turrado Pilar is a channeler, healer and singer. The her purpose is to bring clarity to the human being to help the collective awakening, working together with light forces so that the human being can remember their true nature.  More>>