Architects of Life

Our in-house Shaman, Balder, has built a program based on an array of ancient rituals and practices, to explore deeper meaning and the mysteries of life, allowing us to connect to AïA through personal exploration of the physical body and the subconscious mind. Mind and Body guides from around the world make it the most comprehensive personal growth program ever offered at any resort on earth. One cannot love nature if one does not love oneself.

The Weekly Architects Program

How to unlock the four interior doors: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual? How to be fully realized in body and soul, as one with your true being?

Mind : An infinite space to explore the internal worlds of our being.

Sound healing
Gravity control
Multimusical Vibration
Natural art
Community mural
Sunrise connection

Movement : Everything is in motion, all is vibration and dance. Practice caring for your body, mind and spirit by developing knowledge that flourishes as wisdom.

Tai Chi
Sightless discovery
Hata yoga
Vinyasa yoga
Ashtanga Yoga

Ceremonies : We celebrate the encounter between nature, mind, and heart.

The Birth of Praïa
We are one
Com & Honey Ritual

Ancient Knowledge : Ancient mysticism joins with a perfect present.

Prehispanic dances
Drums connection
Transpersonal Astrology
Ancient Plant Knowledge


Raised from birth surrounded by shamanic principles, Balder did not cut his hair until the age of seven. He has traveled through distant deserts, developed contact with the elements, and opened his world to the eternal quest.

Reflexology, palmistry, astrology, and mythology shaped his foundation of knowledge.