Beachfront Work-Away Suites

Work with an Untethered Lifestyle

Work remotely from a fiber-optic-powered suite on a natural, white sand beach. Release that pent-up energy by jumping from your video calls to salt-water swims, a wide selection of wellness activities, and so much more… 


Enjoy consistent, clear video with super-high-speed, fiber-optic Wi-Fi. Or, choose hard-wired Ethernet inside our low-EMF-frequency suites.

Dedicated AC units ensure your personal air stays cool, built-in bluetooth speakers give your music great quality sound, and your Nespresso keeps you going. Everything you need for the perfect work away in a tropical paradise.


The Atlas Club & Community

Grab a table or settle into a nest of couches. The Atlas Club is our spacious, community oasis behind towering glass walls. Focus your concentration, nurture your creativity, and enjoy spontaneous conversation—all while relishing the amazing food, lightning fast internet, health café and juice bar.

Professional Services

We’re here to help your productivity with free IT technical assistance and computer repair advice (repairs and parts may incur additional cost). Plus, it’s only a 10-minute bike ride to the Apple Store, so even in paradise you’ll have what you need when it matters most.