The Sound of the Sea

Ocean View Suites

Known by its Mayan name Kinich Ahau—the Greek Helios and Roman Apollo—each day begins with the most sacred of rituals: sunrise. Whether you are an observer, an early riser up to greet the dawn in meditation, or simply enjoying a peaceful slumber, the sun breaking the horizon over the sea, it ushers in the fresh promise of a new day directly into the intimate privacy of your suite.

Swim-out Suites

The purifying waters cleanse and heal you directly from the perfectly oriented back terrace of your ground-level suite. A place for children to play, or just dip their toes.

Family Suites

The bonds of family are made stronger by paying respect to each other’s sacred space. Children and adults can relish being themselves with adjoining chambers, each designed to privately cater to their individual needs — and allowing everyone to meet in the middle at their pleasure, refreshed.

Beach Front Suites

Our rooms facing the beach below the treeline offer a dappled oasis of light and shade, the whisper and hush of green trees on the breeze.

Vegan Suites

For our valued vegan patrons, we offer rooms that have been assiduously planned as animal-product free and of course animal-tested product-free. Zero use of leather, feather-free bedding; an enlightened space that celebrates the value of all life on earth.