Intention Matters

We create a level of cuisine that is hard to match, especially at an all-inclusive resort, because it plays against the paradigm that food is qualified by its price. When our chefs prepare their ingredients in the early morning hours, placing them in the windowsill to receive the first light of the day, it matters. Because, love is what brings the best of us to bear: for our craft, for a sustainable present, for a healthier future.

Plant-based Travel Made Easy*

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Plant-based Travel Made Easy*

Traveling while eating plant-based has never been better. We are the first resort of its kind to prepare all our menus with plant-based ingredients, while still offering exquisite, non-vegan options.


Our founder’s plant-based sensibilities merge with our Executive Chef’s inspired guidance to unveil fresh, seasonal menus that are intentionally prepared— covering a wide range of new flavors and traditional dishes.


Even the most fervent meat eaters are delighted and surprised by familiar textures achieved through our elaborated, plant-based ingredients.


Tastes Even Better

Progressive Wellness allows us to sacrifice nothing to flavor, while promoting a solid foundation for long-term health.


Here are a few of our crowd favorites:

(•) soy-marinated, watermelon poke bowl
(•) smoked-carrot toast
(•) Palmaïa burger with home-made fermented sauerkraut
(•) Cheese and mushroom quesadillas with textured soy carnitas


A Delicious, Sophisticated Experience Based on Nutritional Absorption*

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Plant-based Travel Made Easy*

We respect that Progressive Wellness is easier said than done. We have filled our lives with foods that evoke emotions which are fundamental to our well-being. These foods represent our life in a very real way, regardless of how healthy they may be (for us or the planet).


Our aim is to provide a unique culinary experience, plant-based or not. Guests can start with an ultra-healthy diet, ease gently into new flavors, or indulge in favorite staples. Regardless, our cuisine is a discovery of unparalleled quality and surprise.


We don’t deny that a superb cheeseburger fortifies the soul for millions of people. Which is why our plant-based cheeseburger is outstanding, because it matters.


A Complete Alkaline Food System*

Eating well-made plant-based foods is often the single biggest thing we can do for overall health. We built a culinary experience that:

)( balances one’s diet

)( explores better nutrition absorption

)( teaches how to eat cleaner

)( encourages weight loss

)( reduces anxiety

)( diminishes body inflammation


* The Extras:

All photos of food on our website are of plant-based dishes.


For those who are still discovering and starting to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as for families with children, we offer some non-vegan options on most menus as well as a non-vegan room service menu for children.


Dishes deemed to go well with animal protein are offered on certain menus.